Blog Post #3 Hot Podcast that can help market your art.

Greetings fellow artists. I have great content about podcast speakers that can aid you in how to market your art.  Today, I will disclose marketing tips I have learned from my top five podcast performers. It will include some do’s and don’ts, plus what an artist or entrepreneur should do to get recognized in their industry. I hope this will inspire you as it has encouraged me.


I have been a part of various art programs that have assisted me in advancing my skills. From the beginning, I experienced numerous challenges with college courses and programs. I encountered countless teachings that gave me the confidence in building my abilities so I can succeed as an artist. Growing up, I became intrigued on the creation of art and how the artist came to the end result. From cereal box cartoon characters like Tony The Tiger, to T.V characters like the Simpsons family.  I also had a fascination with famous artists such as, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso. The manner in which they made art come to life was incredible. In the past, an artist presentation of their work would get them noticed immediately. Now in these times, it is not so easy. Times have changed, with the simple fact that artists are in every corner of the earth with competition as high as possible. Questions like, “who is the best candidate for the job?” I believe a marketing factor must be the foremost characteristic when creating art.


Marketing should be a mandatory class to attend when one takes art courses. I believe if an individual is trying to get noticed for something that they are passionate about it is best to start to master marketing. For me, I have a craving for art, “you ask, why?” Well, I feel that an artist has the capability to craft almost anything. An artist’s imagination is composed of an endless curiosity. In the world of art, every aspect has a meaning or a connection. Art form comes in different types of shape, sizes, mediums and styles. Art is diverse and controversial. If you love to create art you understand how I feel. Growing up, all I sought was to draw and create. I wanted people to see my art as extraordinary not ordinary.


Today, the art industry is challenging for any artist to get noticed or feel appreciated. I understood the starving artist mentality. For years, I have been aiming to impress and advance as a professional digital artist.  My goal was to have a career in this field. As a digital artist, I would feel like it was not a regular job but rather feel like I was not working at all. I have tried time and time again without any success. I am determined to have a career in the art industry. Having no degree or experience, I fell short. I found out even with decent or abundant digital art skills you are not an option. Hopes and dreams of becoming a great artist in the industry started to fade fast. I was fortunate enough to find out what the problem was. I had art skills with no marketing skills. Years I spend in college, where not wasted but I never would of imagined the importance of great marketing skills for an artist.


I recently start listening to podcast speakers. These Podcasts featured entrepreneurs discussing how to become a successful marketer. I understood that in order to become a successful artist in this field I must master marketing. I have yet to master this skill but I have getting educated while listening to these podcast entrepreneurs. They clarify how can it be done and what they would do now if they were in my shoes. This skill of marketing should have been implemented in my college courses years ago. I believe it would have saved me time, money and aggravation. With this article I hope to save artists and entrepreneurs from the same mistakes I have encountered. Art is and always will be a joyful journey in my heart. I want to support myself and my family by doing something I love.


My favorite five podcast artists are Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Alex Harris, Kim Roach, and John Lee Dumas. Now I introduce to you, my number one podcast personality that has inspired me the most. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Pat has a great disposition that is humorous, smart and has you thinking about working smarter not harder. Pat has experience in marketing plus gives you tips and tricks of being successful with online marketing. Pat has a great story about how and why he started the venture of entrepreneurship online. Pat is content with the amount of success and accomplishments as an entrepreneur. His mission on helping other likeminded entrepreneurs shows a genuine side of Pat Flynn and why he cares. Pat relates to some of people’s problems and try’s to aid them with issues about online marketing techniques. I admire his determination to do what he needed for himself and his family. I feel Pat now wants to assist individuals that are in the same position he was in before becoming an online marketing expert. If you want to learn more about Pat Flynn I would advise to check out Smart Passive Income online or hear his podcast in iTunes for free.


Next up on my favorite five list is Amy Porterfield. Amy has an abundance of ideas on how to use Facebook to promote your online business. Amy has a combination of charisma with a gentle voice. Amy makes you feel like she is talking to you personally. One of the main points that Amy strongly suggest to entrepreneurs, is creating a mailing list. Amy also interviews other entrepreneurs that have had a great success story. You hear entrepreneurs talk about relative life issues that her audience can relate with. Amy also talks about how she needed to get out of her corporate world. She shared personal stories, like how she was missing family time. This information was very valuable. The journey was long but she became her own boss at the end. Amy has learned from other likeminded entrepreneurs the ups and downs of online business. At the end she has become a person who any one could look up to and admire. The fact of the matter is that you will learn a valuable lesson on how to market yourself with Amy Porterfield.


 Alex Harris is the third podcast veteran on my favorite five list.  Alex was the first podcast personality that opened me up to the ideas of entrepreneurism. The connection I had with Alex was the thought-provoking combination of ways he incorporated technical knowledge of E-commerce tools. Alex is very tech savvy and instructs his audience with tools that enable one to sell a product online. His expertise advice on how to fundamentally design your website is worth the time. The feedback from podcast interviewers explain in detail what website tools worked for them and how it might work for you. Alex also has a great background story about why and how he became an Alex Designs E-commerce professional. For anyone who wants to learn about E-commerce and what tools it takes to achieve great heights, Alex is your man.


Number four of my top five is Kim Roach of The Ten Minute Marketing Show. I call her “the Queen of WordPress Consulting”. She is a podcast sensation. Kim Roach has innumerable strategies for marketing with WordPress. Kim’s insight on how to use WordPress will benefit you greatly. Kim’s tricks and ideas for the day really will have you understand what WordPress is capable of doing.  She sounds friendly and knowledgeable about WordPress plugins or components. Kim Roach inspiring ideas on how to make you a better blogger or reach the end goal could alter your life. I enjoy hearing the podcast episodes again and again. Kim gets to the point and does omit anything in between. I am fortunate to come across a person that explains herself in such detail. I am always eager for the next episode.


Last but not least, is John Lee Dumas with Entrepreneurs on Fire. I just started listening to John with his guest interviewers.   John creates a seven day podcast show. After listening to just a couple of podcasts, I think John is the type of person who tries his best to motivate his audience. He calls his audience fire nation “Awesoooome”. He is very confident and comfortable posing the right questions to his guests on his show.  I have not heard all of the episodes because it is difficult to catch up when he is dishing out an episode every day.  I am sure John has noteworthy content for listeners interested in entrepreneurship and learning the marketing ropes.


In conclusion, I am certain one of these podcast greats will capture and hold your attention.  I am also certain, there are other podcast speakers that can motivate and assist you with your goals. As an artist, I am encouraging you to start finding a mentor and follow the necessary steps. This will help you reach new heights. For me, I am always eager to reflect on what others have to contribute. In this day and age if you spend too much time looking back you can get stuck there.  I recently discovered Podcast speakers and what they can offer. As I close, I just want to leave you with a quote “Few inspire the many and the many inspire many more”. I hope this will benefit individuals to view their situation and assistant them in going down a successful path.


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