Blog Post # 1: Great Artist and Teachers on You Tube

1.Darrel Tank is one of the best artist that can replicate a portrait with pencils. I really admire his work and hope one day my skills in drawing will be that advanane. I have seen his video and believe that just hearing him speak about the way to draw is worth ever moment.

2.Riven Phoenix is a great teacher for learn how to draw the human body. Riven Phoenix shows you ever step to on how to draw measure the human body precisely.

3.Proko is one the the videos that I watch on You Tube. Proko has skills and knowledge can help the average artist. His teaching methods on how to draw are wonderful. I am still learning and trying to attain more knowledge on how to improve my skills. Proko is also funny and enjoyable to watch. Here is just one of the videos that I have been watching.

I know and believe there are more great artist out there. if anyone wants to comment on another great artist just please leave a comment. Thank You.

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