Blog post #2 : An eye for graphic design.

There are six main principles that graphic designers should know to be successful as a graphic designer.

1.Repatition: is one of the important aspect of art. having a reader visually recognizing consistency.  It can be for example bold fonts, same color, a thick line or any design that will have a relationship.

2.Contrast: Making desgins different enough that each will have its own attraction. This can be done through typeface choices, shapes, colors, line thickness, size, space etc.

3.Balance: this option of design is were you consider the equal distribution of weight. There are two types of balance alternatives that can be regarded in a design. One is Asymmetrical balance and the second is Symmetrical balance.

4.Proximity: the proximity part of a design means that there is a bound, rather then a bunch of elements that are not organized coming together. When grouping information together it makes a design more legible.

5.Alignment: Every item should be aligned with another element. This will organize and unify the page or design.

6.White space: White space is important to a design to provide breathing room. The design can not be so crowded or overwhelming to the eye.