Drawing Basics

      The drawing aspect of art.  The old saying “what is art?” art is life, art is fun, art is anything. While this  might be true art, for me art comes in one form ‘inspire’.  Inspiration holds a key to change and with change anything is possible. I have learned that not ever human bean looks at something all in the same way. We are all different in how we express our feelings. If you create a art  you can change a persons mood or there life with your creation. I have change by being inspired with words. pictures, drawings, movies etc. The reason I am saying all of this is so you can realize that when you draw try to draw and inspire. This  includes  masters and beginners. For example if you draw a circle and it didn’t come out the way you wanted inspire your self that you created something and next time it will get better.  Inspire yourself to be great with a positive mind set and you will accomplish your main goal. I just want you to remember one thing. You do not need to draw like someone else or try to figure out why you cant  be better than that artist. Each of us have a unique style and way of doing things. Yes look up as many great artist as you can and try to imitate there drawings or style but then come up with your own unique style so the next artist can be inspired by you. Here are some of my drawing lessons of my own for free to help you get started on your amazing  journey. Hopefully I will inspire you to keep on creating and inspiring others Thank You. Click Here