Illustrations section will consist of  tutorials to show how to create certain graphic designs with adobe illustrator.  Adobe Illustrator is mainly used  for creating and editing vector based illustrations such as logos and brand marks or other design elements. Vector graphics are scalable images that can be sized as large or  small as you need them to be, and still hold  its resolution and clarity. I will also show how it also can be used for character design, portraits, website designs, posters and more. These tutorials will teach how to create remarkable art using Adobe Illustrator. You will establish techniques on create beautiful artwork using vectors. In addition, my teachings will inform you on how to create the right file for the proper project. Whether you are a beginner or at  an intermediate level, I will help you understand the program step by step. Your progress will be evaluated in a very positive way through comments from the community and me. Negative feedback will not be accepted on this site, all critiques must be constructive criticism and helpful  tips.  
      I have come across many amazing artists that have inspired me to be not only good, but great. The art world is full of incredibly talented artists that I believe deserve publicity and recognition.  Are you that artist? My students also have the opportunity to submit artwork that could be displayed on the main page of this site. My goal is to help and inspire artists to accomplish greatness. Coming soon on April 12th I will create three tutorials to get you started for free. If you are interested in learning more or getting tips, tricks and free pdf files in the meantime check out my blog post. Thank You. Click Here