Remarkable World For Art

         This  website is for artist to learn about traditional and digital art. Students should never  use the term starving artist. I am always searching for knowledge on how to connect artwork with with payed work. I know by getting payed for my artwork would mean never working again. Usually if  I’am creating an art piece it would be for honer or fun. One major issue I  notice was that the time was not on my side. My creativity to create anything special was decreasing because of having no time to advance my skills. My art work was suffering. I am here to help those who are suffering and struggling to make a difference in the art industry. I do not want any artist to stress on starve like I did. I want them to strive for greatness and know how to sell themselves with there art. There has been plenty of times I had doubts in my ability to create something remarkable. I know that with the the right teachings and knowledge I will be successful in my journey of remarkable art. This is how I came up with the word Remarkart.


        In this website I will try my best to help struggling artist succeed and achieve there full potential. I will have free and paid tutorials on what I have learn and how to use  that knowledge as an advantage for payed art work. This knowledge would help you break into the new age o the art industry. I believe just like me there are other artist struggling with daily challenges that slow them down or shut them down from ever being successful in the art industry. If you have such a great passion and talent you should take it by the horns and don’t let go until you reach the top. weather its art or any other talent you require. One of the best investments that you could make in your life is to invest in yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we can go on this adventure together. I have seen so many lost souls in the work force. I have seen people that have never took action with there talent they posses in order to succeed and be happy.


         I am an artist that loves the world of art in all different forms. I have seen work that is beautiful and very influential. Artist all around the world with amazing talent that has not been yet been discovered. The RemarkArt site is for us, the artist that wants to just express, explore and continue to grow. This site will help artist get positive feedback on how to help them become the best artist they can be so that they can acommplish more and succeed in the future. Different artist crate art for all types of purpose. Some artist create out of love, influence, expression, pain, anger or for money.The remarks on the art that is displayed is to critic in a positive manner.  My hopes for the site is to see what people will see and say about the art that is presented. I believe that its very important that artist get help from other professional artist in the industry. I am an artist that also wishes to get help in order to advance my skills in art.

Drawings to Life

I have seen great 3D art work on paper, walls and on the computer that will amaze anyone. There are so many talented artists that contribute time and effort to show there abilities. The art world needs artist that will keep on teaching other artists on how art can be created in any form. This will in fact create new  talented artist  that will arise using there full potential. I love to see 3D art because the artist creations come to life. The interaction with the art piece feels like you are jumping right into the 3D art world with no worries. A great artist that I encountered online by the name of Marcello Barenghi. He you takes art to a whole new level. When his work is done its like the object is actually there. The art he makes on paper is remarkable. I would recommend that any artist that loves to watch other artist should watch and learn from this great talented artist. I have seen 3D street art or 3D chalk art that makes you feel part of the art. When an artist can astonish the viewer its like a magician created a magic trick. I thank those great artist that keeps giving me hope to believe one day I can become as great as they are or even close to achieve what they create.